A Q&A with Rebecca Bradley: What’s Your First Draft Like? – F. C. Malby

4 Jul

I have been interviewed in a Q&A on First Drafts over at Rebecca Bradley’s blog:

When you decide to write something new, what is the first thing you do?

I just begin to write and see where it takes me. It’s that simple. I begin to write before even planning. I’m not a keen planner and I find I need something written down before I can flesh out the rest. I also don’t research until later. I try to get into the feel of the characters and the voice, and create a sense of place in my mind. So in a way it’s like launching myself off a diving board. I don’t scan the water, test the temperature or step in carefully. I just go. It might seem reckless, but I rarely rewrite the beginnings…


Read the rest of the interview here: What’s Your First Draft Like? – F. C. Malby.


The Writing Process with F.C. Malby

17 Feb

I have been interviewed over on Ruth Hunt’s Writing Blog today:

The Writing Process with F.C. Malby.

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Paul Kent on Opening Up a Whole New World of Thinking.

26 Nov

Elaine Aldred interviews Paul Kent on Opening Up a Whole New World of Thinking.Many people avoid reading the works of philosophers and great thinkers because the way their words sit on the page might not make for easy modern reading. But what if you were given a way to access those words, so that they became less daunting? Paul Kent is someone who is passionate about accessibility and has written two books to introduce Montaigne and Voltaire to a wider audience.

Tell me about yourself.

I am first and foremost a radio producer. I worked at BBC Radio Four and the World Service for 17 years. I largely made documentaries while I was with them, sometimes about literature. Later on I got drafted over to the Drama department where I started producing readings and plays.

The skillset I picked up from that was the ability to research, and being able to put over an argument succinctly, precisely and accurately, in a very small number of words. So that really helps when it comes to writing a philosophical digest, which forms the core of the two books I have written, one on Montaigne and one on Voltaire.

I stayed at the BBC until 1998, after which I ran a literary radio station called Oneword for about eight years. This meant I read hundreds, perhaps thousands of books of fiction and non-fiction, as well as interviewing a lot of authors….

An Interview with Strange Alliances

30 May

This is just a quick post to let you know that I have been interviewed by Elaine Aldred of the Strange Alliances blog F C Malby. Literally Engaged With Her Writing. The interview covers my experiences of teaching English in the Czech Republic immediately after the fall of communism and looks at the process of writing and publishing. I hope you enjoy it and do leave a comment and feel free to ask questions. Many thanks to Elaine for taking the time to interview me. Elaine is a wonderful support to writers and her backlist of interviews is well worth the read.

Literary lighthouses

21 Feb

Literary lighthouses.